What is re:bangor?

The re:bangor project started as an idea in early 2012 and was launched in the fall. The goal is simple: we want to show all the great stuff happening in and around Bangor, and we want to give the people organizing events in the area a new place to promote what they're doing.

What if I want to find an event outside greater Bangor or one that happens farther in the future?

re:bangor has a very specific purpose: it's an at-a-glance look at what's happening in the area so that you can decide where to go after work, on the weekend, or whenever else you have a free hour and want something to do. If you're looking for more – either you want to find events that happen farther in the future or ones that are outside of re:bangor's range – there are other great regional and state calendars that have you covered. It's a good idea to check these calendars for any search, actually; they often have Bangor-area events that re:bangor doesn't. We encourage you to submit your events to these more comprehensive calendars, too, to get the most exposure you can for your event. Here are some of our favorites with events from Bangor and beyond:

Let's talk details: what's "Bangor"?

Depending on what you're doing, "Bangor" can mean a lot of things: the city itself, the city and Brewer, the city and all surrounding communities (even all of Penobscot County or central and eastern Maine).

The point of re:bangor is to find events that are easy to attend for people around Bangor, so the general definition of the Bangor region for re:bangor is, say, a 20-minute driving radius around the city. That includes cities and towns like Brewer, Orono, Hampden, Veazie, Hermon, Glenburn, and Old Town. If your event is taking place in any of those cities, go ahead and add it! Depending on the event, sometimes you'll see events on the border, too; if you know of an event in places like Carmel, Levant, Hudson, Milford, Bradley, Winterport, Eddington, etc., feel free to add it as well. We'll also include an occasional bigger event in Newport, Bucksport, Ellsworth, and other cities a little farther away.

What kinds of events are allowed?

re:bangor is limited to general interest events that are open to the public. The site's still new, and we're still experimenting with the best mix of events to show on the site. For now, here are a few kinds of events you won't see listed:

For more information about what is and isn't allowed, check the rules of the road.

Who's in charge of this whole project, anyhow?

re:bangor is designed, coded, and run in central Maine by Justin Russell (@justinrussell). The calendar itself features events collected from around the area and submitted by visitors to the site. If you have questions about the site or want to know more, please email info@rebangor.com, tweet @rebangor, or connect on the re:bangor page on Facebook.